Les fils à Maman

Les fils à Maman Fils à Maman (Les)

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Sitting in the heart of the Châtelain quarter, Les Fils à Maman is a decidedly retro restaurant, with its carefully cooked home-style meals and kitsch decor all contributing to the friendly atmosphere.

Once upon a time… Les Fils à Maman

Once upon a time, Les Fils à Maman, Nicolas, Julien, Laurent and Alban, accompanied by their cousin Audrey, five gourmets of the very worst kind (the kind that would "kill" for a good steak, homemade chips and a well-iced chocolate cake) got together to found a business. Five epicureans, connoisseurs, who all love a good meal. Five people nostalgic for the good home cooking from "when they were young", for their mother’s simple, tasty homemade meals, for food with flavour, for food that makes you want more. These five had the bright idea to combine their resources to launch a warm, cosy restaurant in their own style, to take guests back to their childhood memories. The most touching part? On the first Tuesday of each month, the team at Les Fils à Maman invites their own mothers to come and cook (apparently they even share the recipes and little secrets for making the day’s special!).

Friendly and timeless

The attraction of Les Fils à Maman is more than just the tasty home cooked food, it’s also the array of kitsch objects that take you right back to your childhood, and the walls plastered with comics and photos from legendary series such as Baywatch, MacGuyver, etc. The toilet decor also deserves a special mention too – but we’ll let you discover the surprise for yourself! On the menu are all the things that once made us drool with anticipation, chicken nuggets in Corn Flake crumbs, mega cheeseburgers, ice cream sundae with hot chocolate sauce and Nutella, shortbread, crème brulée with Carambar caramel…