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Refinement, elegance, glamor ... The Maison Roger  is THE hairdressing salon of the entire country and of the whole nation.  Our crowned heads include  business or political women, diplomats, aristocrats and "stars". It is also that of a simply demanding clientele, for whom luxury is a service: that they search for in absolute perfection.


Speaking of Court

Located in a beautiful setting of the Rue de Namur, between the Place de la Regence and the Porte de Namur, in the very heart of the Capital of Belgium and Europe, Maison Roger  perpetuates under the leadership of its new boss Alex Henriche, a tradition born in 1935, which was the  the year of our first Universal Exhibition. A hairdresser like no other where it is common to cross or nearly disguised our crowned heads. Indeed: you are at the official hairdresser of the royal family. Make no mistake however: the welcome is the same for each client, that is to say, personalized and specialized. Because the hairstyle is an art which is declined in several disciplines, from the search for the color until the cut while passing by all the techniques and varieties aiming at the well-being and the brightness of the hair. With a team of about fifteen specialists, Maison Roger will always find "that little something that makes all the difference"! To make ... Court, every customer is a queen.


To the end of the nails

Maison Roger is the location for sophisticated and refined brushing and bunting, wedding and evening hairstyles. An "à la carte" or "complete" service, to which makeup is added- with all the know-how of the renowned Bouzouk - and, of course, manicure and pedicure. And, the time it takes to serve  the tips of your nails, we will offer you a break in a "gourmet space" very "cozy" with a breakfast or the daily creations of a real chef.  The place also welcomes children as well as a male clientele. In short, Maison Roger is a place that welcomes the entire family. The care of the Maison  Roger  is never hesitate to return, as evidenced by the success of subscription plans.


An exclusive "made in Belgium"

In addition to the most renowned products selected, Maison Roger has created, in collaboration with Laboratoires Copaiba de Spa, a completely natural dry hair oil (that is without silicone, paraben or dyes). and 100% Belgian. The name: "Precious Sea Buckthorn".