MEM - Musée de l'Erotisme et de la Mythologie

MEM - Musée de l'Erotisme et de la Mythologie

A collection dedicated to the erotic art of Antiquity until today

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Discover the fantastic history of Erotic art from Antiquity until today.

The MEM (Museum of Erotism and Mythology) offers history enthusiasts and the inquisitive a beautiful overview of the evolution of erotic art, from antiquity to the present day. Its owner and founder, Guy Martens, has been passionate about art and mythology since his youngest age. In 2012, he decided to share his passion with thousands of visitors in the cosmopolitan Sablon district of Brussels. His goal in creating this museum was to show the public that sexuality at the artistic level has been represented since the beginning of humanity through various civilizations.


A unique and authentic collection

Guy Martens has been collecting objects and paintings of erotic and mythological art since his youth. At first, he was attracted by objects  made of ivory. Later, his atraction diversified. Which lead to the accumulating of paintings, sculptures, Greco-Roman antiquities, Japanese prints, works by Belgian artists and other curiosities .. Very quickly, his collection become  incredibly large and It now ranks among the most beautiful in Europe.


A project of sharing and transmission

In 2012, while his apartment overflowed with rare and unique pieces, Guy Martens began to search for a house to set up his museum in to showcase the works he had collected throughout his life inorder to make them known to the public. After almost seven years in existence, the number of visitors continues to grow with a huge number of tourists from all continents attracted to this museum.


Le Sablon, a Centre of history and culture

A place that is popular with tourists and art lovers, the Sablon district is characterized by its historical, cultural and also its artistic side. It is therefore natural that the MEM has established itself as a place of curiosity here. Most visitors, young or old, go there to have their couple’s  experience ,with a chance to shop in the nearby stores.