NG Coiffure

NG Coiffure

N & G, the true pioneers of 100% biological and natural hair salons

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100% natural hair salon based in Schaerbeek.

NG Coiffure

A 100% natural hair salon based in Schaerbeek, NG coiffure is a family business where skill and expertise have been passed from one generation to the next. NG represents Nathalie and Gilles, mother and son, who came together to provide the best care for your hair and scalp by using biodynamic products, their quality guaranteed by the O-way brand. NG coiffure is one of the first organic hair salons in Brussels.

Organic care is at the heart of NG Coiffure's salon

During her 35 years of hairdressing experience, Nathalie gradually realised the importance of biodynamic and organic products in hair care. As she herself is allergic to some conventional products, she launced NG Coiffure, the new concept where all care and treatments are based on respect for the hair and the scalp. At the heart of this concept is the use of natural and organic products when shampooing before the cut, and when blow-drying and colouring.

O-way, biodynamic and natural products

That's why NG Coiffure chose to work exclusively with O-Way. They are the first manufacturers of professional hair and cosmetic products in the world to use biodynamic extracts in their formulas. O-Way provides care and treatments which are extremely rich in biodynamic products and natural ingredients and which contain no irritating or potentially harmful components for the hair or scalp.