L'Ogenblik Ogenblik (L')

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There are some restaurants you just can’t miss in the historic center of Brussels, Ogenblik is one of those. Located in the Galerie des Princes at the corner of the Saint-Hubert Royal Galleries for more than 50 years, the Ogenblik Restaurant is loved not only for their menu, but also for their setting.

Ogenblik, a seasonal menu

Not many restaurants know how to combine the locals with the tourists. Ogenblik has figured it out! The first good thing about this place is its menu that focuses on seasonal, quality products. Seafood lovers will be in heaven, but there are also many beautiful meat choices such as the Irish rib steak, rack of lamb, and exceptional seasonal game. Rolled deer steaks, rabbit back with Grand-Veneur sauce, pheasant “à la brabançonne” with fine champagne sauce: just the names of the dishes makes our mouths water. In addition, Ogenblik offers a diverse wine menu including both full bodied house wines with the finest vintage varieties. Many wines are also served by the glass.


Ogenblik, excellent service

When you choose to go to Ogenblik, don’t be surprised by the sand that covers the fabulous wood floor. This is a part of the décor and history of the restaurant. Back in the day when customers would chew tobacco, sand was spread over all establishments’ floors in Brussels to facilitate clean up. Add the woodwork on the walls, the little green retro lamps, wooden bench, and cash register from 1914 and you’ve got yourself the charm of the cafes from long ago.

Last thing about Ogenblik: the service. On the floor and in the kitchen, the staff stands out for their professionalism, experience, and reliability. This solid bunch knows the products, the menu, and how to make the customers happy.