Orphée VDB

Orphée VDB

Rue du Pépin, 36
1000 Bruxelles

High quality cares for your hair and your beard

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Orphée VDB is an independent hairdressing salon offering high quality care in extremely comfortable surroundings.

Located in the beautiful Rue de Namur in Brussels, Orphée VDB has everything you expect from a luxury hair salon. In a setting that is modern and funky, Orphée VDB has two different spaces for women and men. For women, the salon offers a wide range of treatments, ranging from blow-drying to colouring, highlighting and updos. Men have the choice between a cut with shampoo and lotion or the barber services provided by Orpheus.

Orphée has over 15 years of experience and has chosen to work with Wella and Sebastian for traditional hair care, as well as with the Italian brand, Oway, the first hair treatment range that uses 100% organic essential oils, for those who really respect their hair. Orphée wants to make hair care accessible to as many people as possible by offering excellent treatments and service at affordable prices.

At Orphée VDB, we cultivate the art of hospitality to make you feel at home. Orphée and his team are at your disposal to guide you through their range of treatments so you will have a result that delights you.

Still with the aim of making you more comfortable, in addition to hair care the team will soon offer wellness treatments such as luminology to make your time with us even more pleasant and relaxing.