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Librairie UOPC The oldest librairie of Brussels for history lovers

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Originally founded in 1924, UOPC is the oldest bookshop in Brussels and has served as both a cultural hub and a venue for various types of friendly, sociable events for almost a century. Traditionally specialising in philosophy and religion, the bookshop today offers far more than just these two subjects. In particular, it now has a wide range of general literature and science books as well as many titles on topics such as tourism, wellbeing and a variety of other subjects.

Children are guaranteed to find something to delight them thanks to the shop's huge range of books and graphic novels for young people. UOPC has also recently supplemented its range with a selection of board games, and these can be tried out at dedicated games evenings designed to provide fun and enjoyment and opportunities to meet other people.

Expert book specialists to guide and advise you

At UOPC, they love sharing their passion for books. If you don't yet know exactly what your next book will be, the shop's advisors will carefully guide you through the vast range on offer. They will be delighted to help you find exactly what you are looking for or choose something you'll enjoy.

Meet-the-author events

UOPC has its own event and meeting space that can host more than 100 people. Several times a month, the bookshop organises events at which visitors can meet authors who are currently making waves on the Belgian and international literary scenes. These events provide excellent opportunities to discover the latest works by the invited authors and discuss the themes they tackle, which usually relate to contemporary themes of modern society. UOPC can also provide help and support with organising meetings and seminars at external venues.

Miscellaneous events

Throughout the whole month of December, the main event room is given over to a large Christmas market at which Belarusian nuns sell a huge variety of local craft products. All the profits from the event go to the various different orphanages they run and operate. This is a great place to find ideas for gifts that will provide pleasure on various different levels!

A new range of games to try at special evening events

As you've no doubt realised, UOPC is much more than just a simple bookshop! Expert advice and friendly conviviality are part of its DNA. The board games revival is an example of this desire to provide events people can share and enjoy together. On the shop's shelves you can find the very best in board games, which can be tried out at friendly social evenings at which the focus is on meeting other people and enjoying convivial chat and conversation.