Wesley's Butcher Shop

Wesley's Butcher Shop At Wesley’s, « the best of the beast » !

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Close to the Parc du Cinquantenaire, the Wesley's butcher's shop serves the best meats direct from the green pastures of Ireland.

For the lovers of beautiful entrecôtes, the only pronunciation of the words "Black Angus" triggers an immediate awakening of the taste buds! Nothing  is more normal: it is one of the most noble cattle breeds, which is appreciated for its unique and marbled meat. The "Rolls of steaks" at Wesley's come from a traditional breeding farm in southern Ireland, near Cork. A "short circuit" established in direct collaboration with the breeder. Once charged, this magnificent meat matures for four to eight weeks. A refining to make it both softer and more tasty. "The best of the best"? Even Better: "the best of the beast"!

Lamb of Ireland, Pig of Ardennes

At Wesley's, the same quality label is available for lamb and pig. For the first, it is from the same corner  of Ireland which is stocked for commerce. The breeder is squarely close to that of Angus. Regarding pork, it comes from our Ardennes, also from an outdoor farm, and is sold "crackling", as they say in English, that is to say with the rind. It is also sold in ham and charcuterie, all done in a traditional way in the butchery workshop. The "homemade" is in all the products of the brand. And it shows at first glance.

Order and you will have ...

Special orders are also welcome, so Wesley's is the perfect place for any type of cooking and for any particular recipe. An address absolutely unlike any other.