Geomed, the website that finds doctors who speak the same language as you

Frédéric Solvel.

06 Nov 2014, 09:11 Last Updated: 10 Nov 2014, 07:11

The concept of Geomed is simple: the website allows its users to find in Brussels the general practitioners and specialists who speak the same language as you.

Geomed allows expats to easily find physicians who speak their same language. To make it easier to use for expats, the Geomed platform is translated into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.

Thanks to its user-friendly search engine, users can choose their medical specialty, a language or a combination of both. The Geomed database will instantly tell you if there is such a doctor speaking the requested language.

The physicians listed speak about thirty languages. A gynaecologist speaking Spanish, general practitioners speaking Greek or Italian and probably the only Brussels physician who speaks sign language.


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