Holiday camps for children in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 25 Sep 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:27)
Holiday camps for children in Brussels
All Saints Day, Christmas, Easter, summer vacation, what are you going to do with the kids during all this time off from school? From sports to theater to the circus, equestrian, theater, and nature, there are quite a bit of attractive choices for camps in Brussels. It’s a chance for your children to discover new activities and make a bunch of friends in the process.

Before launching a vast web search to find the best choice for your little one, you should establish some criteria.

First, choose the type of camp: sport, artistic, linguistic, scientific, musical, etc. What does your child enjoy? Also take advantage of this time to introduce him or her to new things. How about trying a new sport? Learning to swim? Speaking some first words in another language? Suggest singing, or learning flexibility at the circus. These are all options!

Second, make your life easy! Determine a geographic region you are willing to go to, or that is perhaps on the way to your work. This way you avoid any unnecessary and stressful trips in the morning. After all, vacation should be fun for your kid, not a pain.

We could have given you an exhaustive list of all the camps in Brussels, but we have opted for giving you the tools to help you find the ideal camp close to your home.

Holiday camps in your commune

Usually the communes try to consolidate information about camps that happen within their borders, or they collaborate with associations to organize their own activities.

In Brussels, the city’s Youth Service, via the NGO Jeunesse à Bruxelles, organizes several types of camps during vacation time for 3 to 12 year olds. The pricing differs. For example, children registered within the communal territory of the city (zip codes 1000, 1020, 1120, or 1130) qualify for a reduced rate.  

In Etterbeek, the commune works in association with Action Sport to organize sports or creative camps for children 3 to 14. Introductions to music, bike riding lessons, painting, workshops, cuisine, football... the choice is up to you. If your child lives in this commune, one week will cost you 45 euros (hot meals not included). Ask about tax deductions for children under 12 years old!

The Ucclecommune website contains information regarding camps run by the commune’s associations. They also publish a brochure called Acceuil Temps Libre which announces all the summer camps planned for that year.

Sports camps

Take advantage of vacation to get your child moving, jumping, running, dancing, and climbing. checked out sports camps in Brussels.

For this one, we couldn’t leave out the Adeps centers in the Forêt de Soignes and in Anderlecht. Trampoline, squash, mountain biking, table tennis, modern dance, psychomotricity, rugby, judo… the camps are both indoor and outdoor and are run by qualified counselors. Sign-ups are easy online.

The Centre de formation Sportive and the NGO Yacasports are also sources for sports camps.

The Ecole de Sports at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) organizes sports camps on the Solbosch campus for ages 3 to 16. There are many options that include more than just sports. They combine physical activity with cultural and creative endeavors.

Most sports clubs offering practices throughout the year have options for the holidays. Try out your luck and call a soccer, tennis, hockey, or climbing club near you!

Museum camps

For curious little ones interested in learning about their surroundings, certain museums offer camps on their property.

Use this search tool for Brussels museums to find out more about which museums offer camps during the next academic holidays.

Circus camps

Your child dreams to be a trapeze artist or walk across a tight rope? Figure out the details by contacting the following NGO: Cirqu’onflex...

Online search tools

Many sites categorize the choices by region, age, and activity. With their search tools, you can define your criteria. In addition to camps, these sites have a whole host of extracurricular activities to offer.

Notably, there is, or MP Mag. Choose your preferences and you’re off!

If, despite these ideas, you still haven’t found the perfect holiday camp for your child, you can always turn to your child’s insurance provider, his or her school…

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