Lilo: the search engine that has a positive impact!

Lilo: the search engine that has a positive impact!

Lilo is a search engine that finances social and environmental projects.

Who is Lilo?
The search engine Lilo works like Google but its difference is that the searches typed in Lilo finance a social project and / or environmental. Lilo has partnered with many non-profit organizations, many social and environmental projects, but you choose the civic action you want to support during your research.

Lilo supports projects that fight for the environment, social integration, health and education. Lilo collects money through the commercial links that appear during searches and 50% of revenues go to projects. This search engine fights against its carbon emissions produced by its servers and protects your privacy.

Since the creation of this search engine, Lilo has already raised € 540,753 to help the many actions that users need.

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