Selection of movies to watch with your Home Cinema


13 Dec 2012, 03:12 Last Updated: 04 Jan 2013, 14:01

Owner of a brand new home theater system, you want that first experience of a dark room at home to be memorable? Here is the editors selection !



Fights, arenas, testosterone ... Step into ancient Rome with Gladiator !


The war of the ring begins and the quest to Mordor offers its share of elves, trolls, nazguls ... Attention to the sound volume, the neighbours might think there is an invasion of orcs in your living room!


To properly prepare yourself to the end of the world, there is The Day After Tomorrow! 



If you liked the universe of Jurassic Park, it should be even more thrilling to hear the T-Rex roar in surround sound ! 



An avenging bride, an incredible soundtrack, exhausting fights ... A clever mix of genres masterfully orchestrated by the genial Tarantino ! 



Lucas Films was bought by Disney and they have announced a new instalment of the saga ... Before to hear the Jedi sing and dance the farandole with the Sith, remember how Star Wars is the best intergalactic fiction which marked a whole generation! 

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