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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 10 Feb 2014, 09:02

You want to go out, have fun, meet up with friends but you don't have a car or you just don't want to take it... easy solution: NOCTIS. The STIB sets up a system of night buses.

11 bus-lines will allow you to get home safely. The day fare is also applicable for the night-ride (1 trip ticket, 10 trips ticket, 1 day ticket, or season ticket,...). All the lines leave La Bourse at 30 minutes intervals and cover all the main streets in the capital. It's now possible to stay out all night on Friday and Saturday from 0h15 to 3h00 in the morning.


N°4 - Bourse to Cimetière de Bruxelles - through Sablon, Rue Royale, Parc, Botanique, Robiano, Patrie, Meiser, Paul Leduc, Guillaume, Artémis N°5 - Bourse to Kraainem - through Sablon, Parc, Madou, Ambiorix, Plasky, Diamant, Moonens, Roodebeek, Vander Velde, Alma, Kraainem N°6 - Bourse to Musée du Tram - through Grand Sablon, Louise, Porte de Namur, Etangs, Schuman, Mérode, Montgoméry, Woluwe, Musée du Tram N°8 - Bourse to Wiener - through Grand Sablon, Louise, Porte de Namur, Germoir, Thys, Cimetière d'Ixelles, Keym, Les Trois Tilleuls, Wiener N°9 - Bourse to Hermann-Debroux - through Grand Sablo, Louise, Matongé, Flagey, Etangs d'Ixelle, Buyl, ULB, Station Etterbeek, Arsenal, Vandromme, Auderghem Shopping, Hermann-Debroux N°10 - Bourse to Fort-Jaco - through Grand Sablon, Flagey, Van Eyck, Clinique Edith Cavel, Observatoire, Place Saint-Job, Fort-Jaco N°11 - Bourse to Uccle Calevoet - through Grand Sablon, Rue Royale, Ducale, Porte de Namur, Louise, Stéphanie, Janson, Ma Campagne, Molière, Bens, Uccle Calevoet N°12 - Bourse to Stalle - through Grand Sablon, Porte de Halle, Barrière, Wiels, Monaco, Saint-Denis, Neerstalle, Stalle N°13 - Bourse to Westland Shopping - through Anneessens, Lemonnier, Conseil, Cureghem, Résistance, René Henry, Westland Shopping N°16 - Bourse to Berchem Station - through Dansaert, Porte de Flandre, Beekkant, Osseghem, Etangs Noirs, Simonis, Collège Sacré-Coeur, Vereman, Parc Monnet, Berchem Station N°18 - Bourse to Heysel - through De Brouckère, Martyrs, Rogier, WTC, Destouvelles, Princesse Clémentine, Bosckstael, Houba-Brugmann, Stade Roi Baudouin, Heysel
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