Renovation of Reyers tunnels: explanation

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Written by Donatienne de Vleeschauwer - 24 Jan 2018, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:54)
Renovation of Reyers tunnels: explanation
2018 is the year of Reyers tunnels renovation ... Brusselslife keeps you informed!

Reyers Boulevard, a future urban boulevard?
This year, Brussels will evolve to the rhythm of the works, works and works. Whether you are traveling by car, bicycle or public transport, it can disrupt your daily life and that of all Brussels residents and visitors.

Why do we renovate four of the six Reyers tunnels?

In recent years, Reyers Boulevard has undergone many changes. The first was the demolition of the Reyers viaduct to create a boulevard. In order to have an urban boulevard, Brussels Mobility must start renovating the ceilings of 4 tunnels out of the 6. Which says ceiling for tunnels, said ground for the boulevard ...

Below the old viaduct and the future urban boulevard, there are 6 tunnels: 3 that return to the city and 3 that leave the city towards the E40.

The aim of these renovations is to make them safer, Brussels Mobility will install a new ventilation system, a noise abatement system and a new LED lighting.

Renovation of the Reyers complex: which impacts?
The 4 tunnels that will be renovated during this year will see their hoppers reduced from 2 to 1 band. Why ? Brussels Mobility will add support beams between the two bands to widen the lateral surface roadways.

There will be mainly renovations, shrinkage but also tests for the new roof waterproofing of these tunnels.

It will provide many disruptions for motorists ... The work has already begun, they take place in the week from 7am to 22h. The weekend will be "buffer" periods to catch up if there are any. During the construction period, on the surface, there will be two accessible strips on Reyers Boulevard.

After the tunnels, place for surface renovation:
Within a year, at the end of tunnel renovations, Brussels Mobility will begin the redevelopment of the boulevard itself. This future urban boulevard will give way to a beautiful public space and hopefully more serenities for residents ...

How to move during this year of work?
Since 27 January, the tunnels under renovation are gradually closed to traffic, for a period of three months each. Obviously, the situation will evolve during the year, so we must be attentive to changes.

Brussels Mobility has thought of everything, here are the explanations:

By car:

- The tunnel from the E40 to Meiser will be closed and it will be impossible to go from the E40 to Diamond. How to do ? The alternative will be to take the ring (RO) to Zaventem and take the boulevard Leopold III. For the bravest, you have to go out at Strombeek-Bever and take the A12.

- You have to leave Brussels? All detours will be via the Avenue des Cerisiers because access to the E40 will be completely closed.

- You are on the Roodebeek side and you have to join Meiser Square? It will take Avenue Plasky to access it.

By foot or by bike:

Brussels Mobilité will provide a temporary bridge for people who are not in a car. It will be located between Colonel Bourg and the Diamant metro station.

- You want to cross the Boulevard Reyers ... But how? It will be compulsory to cross it via the metro station (a device for people with reduced mobility will be set up) and the station will be open H24.

Public transport will obviously be accessible, some STIB bus stops will be a little out of place during the works. You must find out about the STIB website for lines 12, 21 and 79.

If this is really a mess, do not forget that there are many ways to get around Brussels with Villo, Billy Bikes, Obike, etc.

One word, courage to all and one in a year!

Source: Brussels Mobility Reyers & Brussels Mobility complex renovation Reyers.

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