Website launched - La ville est à nous

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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 23 Sep 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 27 Sep 2013, 13:17)
Website launched - La ville est à nous
Urbanism - a vague ensemble of big buildings, bustling streets and booming businesses come to mind. To reconnect Brussels inhabitants with their home and to encourage them to be more involved in the evolution of their own city, the brand new website called “La ville est à nous” (“The city is ours”) has just been launched - This site focuses on different Brussels initiatives and associations that are striving to change the vision of the city.

The goal

Given the rapidly growing population and the diverse mesh of communities in Brussels, the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles proposed this site, La ville est à nous, as a way to better understand the city. The goal is to engage people no matter what age, job or neighborhood so that we can collectively reflect on how to improve our urban life. 

Short thematic videos

Through different short documentary type videos, La ville est à nous features diverse initiatives happening all over Brussels. In this way they hope to open up a dialogue about urban challenges and encourage citizens to claim ownership of this public space that is theirs. There are also many links on the site to learn more about the featured associations.   

User friendly website

Since urbanism is such a complex idea, the site organizers aimed for simplicity. To start, La ville est à nous is built around a concept web on the homepage. A single click in the center of the web will give you a description of what this site is, how it came to be, and the objectives. There are four color coded themes – "Share," "Live," "Get to Know," and "Invest in Brussels" - that stem from the center that make urbanism more concrete. Each theme has its own subthemes (for example “work,” “move,” “live,” “history,” “participate”) which together touch on all aspects of the city.

More videos (dealing with all subjects from sports to youth centers to social/professional integration) will be added periodically, with the next five coming out in November.

With La ville est à nous, the people of Brussels will better understand how to influence their urban environment. Explore to find out what you can do to transform this city to meet the needs of the citizens. After all Brussels is ours for the taking!  

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