La vie en rose. What gift to give your valentine to see life in pink?

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What gift to give your valentine to see life in pink?
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you need to make it a memorable day for you and your loved one, so you need to give them something unforgettable. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to give your loved one a gift.

You don't know what to give to your valentine, don't worry this article will give you some hints to not disappoint your lover and give him/her the best possible gift to make him/her more than happy. 




For her

We're going to start by showing you all sorts of things to give that might be ideal for a woman.




Have you thought about giving a special Valentine's Day wonderbox to your sweetheart? This type of gift is perfect when you don't know what to give, plus romantic dinners, relaxation boxes for two are part of it. This way, you will always remember the Valentine's Day you spent with your partner thanks to the romantic activities offered by the wonderbox. Finally, as this box is not a material good, it will be an opportunity to surprise your partner. 

Bouquet of flowers, box of chocolate and clothes 

Classic but which will always please your loved one, because it will show that you are thoughtful and romantic, buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a box of luxury chocolates, because cheap chocolates are not very good, and you have to show that you are not calculating to offer an incredible product. Add to this a box of clothes so that you can offer your better half a complete package, because there is decoration, food and clothes. 


Personalised jewellery and jewellery range

If you want something original, then opt for a custom-made jewel, so you can personalise it and stand out from the crowd with a present that is different from the usual. The next gift that will please your valentine and that is feminine, choose a beautiful watch with a pendant and a ring, to offer her a complete range of jewellery, she will be more than delighted. 


Another surprise that you may not have thought of, offer her a ticket to a show or concert of an artist she loves so she will never forget this activity and know that you are interested in her interests. 


You can also offer a make-up palette to the apple of your eye, as every woman likes to wear make-up, she will be happy if you offer her a range of different ones. 



Another option you have is to buy her a nice piece of furniture for the bathroom so that she can store her things. 


A recipe book for romantic dinners would also do the trick, as your romance as a couple won't just be on Valentine's Day with this book.


Proposal of marriage 

Finally, a surprise that is not material, but more original than all the others mentioned above, and that can only be offered if you are not yet married. If you have not yet taken the plunge with your lover, and you tell yourself that this person is your soul mate, ask her to marry you in a romantic way, so that your couple will be even more solid and your darling will never forget this Valentine's Day, which will correspond to the date on which you proposed to her. An unforgettable moment guaranteed. 




For him 

Your lover gave you a sumptuous gift last year and now it's your turn to give him one for Valentine's Day. We'll help you to give him something wonderful. 


Sports tickets

For starters, you can give your other half tickets to a sporting event that you'll both be attending, so you can share the passion of the person you live with as lovers. 



Men's skincare kit

Another interesting gift is a care kit for a man, with deodorant, shower gel and perfume, he will appreciate that you are looking after his body.

DIY box

A DIY set would also be perfect for your partner, who will appreciate it, the reason being that it is very valuable, plus these tools will be long lasting, your valentine will use these for many years. 

Dinner jacket

A suit is also appropriate for this party, thanks to this garment your partner will wear it on this day and even afterwards for parties, work, meetings... 



Facial care 

You can also offer him a complete facial makeover by making an appointment with a barber to have his hair, moustache and beard treated. This varies from conventional purchases.


Wine box 

Another gift idea is a wine box, which will please your spouse even if he or she is not a wine specialist. Everyone likes to drink a small glass of high quality wine, and it would also be an opportunity to offer your darling a new passion.

Sports subscription 

You could also buy him a sports subscription, which would please everyone, and would also show that you care about his health and well-being. 

Swiss Army Knife

A real quality Swiss Army knife will also suit your soul mate, the reason being that this object is masculine and has many useful accessories for him, he will love it without any problem.



Another idea that will please him, buy him a state of the art razor, again this gift will be really useful. Men all shave and some even shave every day, so he can think about your gift while shaving. 

Books on mechanics or cars 

Books about cars or mechanics will really suit your little friend, because many men have this interest. 


The last item that will please him is a beautiful handmade watch from a watchmaker, they are much more beautiful and of better quality than cheap watches. With the quality put into your gift, your suitor will think he is really lucky to be going out with you. 



Now you can choose from this article a great present to give to your sweetheart.


Happy Valentine's Day and make the most of it together! 

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