Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

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Aux Merveilleux de Fred How can such small things drive you crazy? A visual and olfactory show awaits you ... Alimentation

The whole history on Les Merveilleux de Fred

Originally, the Merveilleux is a traditional pastry from the North of France and Flanders. In 1982 Frederic Vaucamp was interested in this pastry to magnify and make it his signature. The first shop opened in the North of France in Hazebrouck and then another opened in Lille. It was the beginning of a beautiful saga for this sweet treats.  And since then, Les Merveilleux de Fred shops have been opened from one city to another and from one continent to another.  Les Merveilleux de Fred is absolutely present in Brussels and will also welcome you in a second street address Dansaert.

Les Merveilleux is a world-famous craftsmanship that continues to fascinate its customers. All shops offer the opportunity to watch the pastry chefs create these little domes under your eyes. This display always tempts Curiousity and gourmands.


A well hidden recipe

The secret of this gourmet bite is a light meringue coated with whipped cream covered with a shower of chocolate chips or biscuit ... You will have the impression of savoring a little cloud.

The wonderful dark chocolate is the classic, but you can also differentiate the pleasures by discovering the other 5 flavors: The Incredible white chocolate and speculoos, The unthinkable coffee, The eccentric cherry, The Magnificent with praline and The sans-culotte with caramel.

Les Merveilleux are available in several sizes, mini, individual or cake format to share. You can also compose your own box, an elegant presentation perfect for dessert or tea time.

The pastry at Les Merveilleux de Fred offers another specialty of Flanders, the generous ceramics from  chocolate, grape or sugar. In short you will enjoy!