Bar du Palace

Bar du Palace Belgium in our glasses and our plates, in the city center !

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Brasserie Palace is a place of exchange and proximity. On the menu? Local and sustainable products combining tradition and originality!

A Local gastronomy

This brewery 2.0 is nestled  close to the Brussels Stock Exchange, and its inside certainly is deplicted with a modern cafeteria décor. On the menu, traditional typical Belgian dishes and also a wide range of  good gourmet foods are all offered and they all are cooked with finesse. At the Palace, special attention is paid to the ethical side of the restaurant. Indeed, the brand favors collaborations with suppliers and producers in Brussels and also all around. Emphasis for its products is based on quality, seasonality, sustainability and locality.


On Sundays and public holidays, we come to brunch with friends or family, in an intimate and warm atmosphere. Little more ? Vegetarian alternatives are also available to delight all taste buds.


If you enter the doors of the Palace, two options are available to you:

- The bistro menu, where  great classics can be found: shrimp croquettes, dumplings, vol-au-vent, blanquette ...

- The gourmet menu, a finer and more sought after. Even after an appetizer and a dish, you can not resist a piece of lemon meringue pie and its coulis ...


Note that once a month, La Brasserie Palace organizes a special 3-course menu with a movie in combo.


A quality bar

At any time of the day, Belgian and artisanal beers, ethical coffee, French and organic wines as well as original cocktails can be enjoyed. Here, consumption is done in a conscious way because everything is thought to reduce the carbon footprint.


Among the partner brands are Wine Not, the Brasserie de la Senne, the Brussels Beer Project, the Brasserie de la Cambre, the Lefevre Brewery, The Musketeers Brewery, De Ranke, Lupulus, Or Coffee, and so on. lasting and inspiring !


A versatile space

You never get bored at the Brasserie Palace. In the afternoon, board games are available for guests looking for fun (the perfect activity during rainy weather!). For the more studious, there is always a quiet corner, ideal for work and relaxation, while sipping on a coffee latte in your hands. And on Sunday evenings, it's the jazz fans who are honored with jazz concerts !


To stay informed about Brasserie Palace, go to their social networks : their Facebook page (below) as well as their Instagram page.