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A Nocte Temporis & Reinoud Van Mechelen - School concert

11 May 2021 - 11 May 2021
Bach explained in words and music


Palais des Beaux-Arts - BOZAR - Rue Ravenstein, 23  1000 Bruxelles

Event date & Times

Tuesday 11 May
Start : 11:05am
End : 11:05am
Tuesday 11 May
Start : 01:05pm
End : 02:05pm

Accessible, child-friendly classical music? The works of Johann Sebastian Bach might not automatically spring to mind, but this doesn’t mean that his music is an impossible jumble of tones to little ears. A Nocte Temporis presents a special programme tailor-made for children that introduces them to Bach and his music over three-quarters of an hour. An afternoon to stimulate your pupils’ imaginations, as Bach knew how to transform stories and emotions into music better than any other.  The pupils can: Discover the history of Bach in music Understand that music can convey the meanings of stories and emotions Experience an intimate moment with musicians and a tenor

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