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Bledacting Workshop

18 October 2020 - 29 November 2020


Beursschouwburg - Rue Auguste Orts, 20-28  1000 Bruxelles

Event date & Times

We will also dive into the dramaturgy of alternative art forms (music videos, music, social network content, etc.). Mainly in French, but FR/NL is possible. FOR WHO? All Brussels residents aged 14+ With priority for 14-20 year olds and over 40 year olds. IN THREE PARTS: Acting in theatre with Mehdi Zekhnini and/or Bakr Directing actors in cinema with Femi Kidjo and/or Maja-Ajmia Zellama Dramaturgy (optional) with Mehdi, Femi and/or Maja-Ajmia Just send a dm via Bledarte's instagram.

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