Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

18 Jun 2021 - 06 Jan 2024

Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

Explore Brussels on a 4-hour guided walking tour with a twist as you follow the trial of the city’s...

  • Normal - 75
    Children - 45

Explore Brussels on a 4-hour guided walking tour with a twist as you follow the trial of the city’s top chocolate shops. A chocoholics dream! You will enjoy free samples and tastings of delectable Belgian chocolates and learn how to make your own sweet Belgian treats in a workshop.

Chocolate tasting will never be more delectable than during this tour, in which you will discover the top chocolate brands and the locations of their stores. This tour is also perfect for buying top-quality chocolate as a gift for relatives and friends – as you will sample many, exquisite chocolates of a quality that will increasingly surprise and delight you. The route brings you through an impressive cityscape, full of history, with Brussels highlights located at every step. You will discover the Royal Galleries, The Royal Palace, Saint Michael’s Cathedral – and all the mysteries behind them. And then – you will discover the art of chocolate making! Learn about melting temperature, determining a suitable percentage of cacao and the process of producing fine pralines. The Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop also includes a 1‑hour, hands-on chocolate workshop, during which you will be the master chocolate-maker! Find out how to make your own shapes and decorate them with ingredients like sea salt, exotic fruits and sesame – all based on your own imagination and taste preferences. Another vivid experience follows, as you see how a praline is created in three steps and fill your owns with caramel. And, of course, you get to take your chocolate creations home! The Brussels Chocolate and Workshop Tour is your must-have chocolate and travel‑savvy friend in Brussels.
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