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Chouk Wa

29 November 2019 - 29 November 2019
Chouk Wa acoustic @ Walvis


Café Walvis - Rue Antoine Dansaert, 209  1000 Bruxelles

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Chouk Bwa Libète continue the tradition of Haitian Mizik Rasin ‘roots music’ staying close to the original & essential elements of Vodou culture; rhythm and dance. These are the roots, torn from Africa, and secretly replanted in a new land. Their songs are a blend of traditional songs and original compositions by Jean Claude Sambaton Dorvil. The drummers are unanimously recognized in the Gonaives’ Vodou communities as master drummers & their dancers movement relies inextricably on the same kind of deep knowledge of Vodou rhythm. Their knowledge of the pantheon of Vodou rhythms is encyclopedic, as Chouk Bwa Libète’s debut album demonstrates. “a wonderful example of the pure, unbridled joy of Haitian roots music —Mizik Rasin— and its Vodou-based rural songs and dances. More than a crafted art form, the music of Chouk Bwa Libète arose in waves of percussion, vocals and movement that seemed authentically inspired right in the moment and communicated nothing but the sheer joy of sharing exactly that particular, unique musical moment” Wall street Journal

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