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Embrasez-vous !

22 October 2020 - 25 April 2021


Art et marges musée - Rue Haute,  1000 Bruxelles


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The Art et marges musée is celebrating turning 10 – sterling opportunity to present its collection in a new light. Amassed along the rock loads and less travelled paths of art, the collection is now teaming with gems of outsider art. The museum has opened its doors to ten accomplices – artists. Fascinated by artists from the collection, they have taken over the premises. They are hell bent on bedazzling through installations, performances, sound, literary and culinary creations. Incandescent, luminous and mysterious embers, each point of view sheds new light on the collection, opening a door onto conflagration. The result is a flamboyant cake to be shared and devoured with abandon.

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