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Hugo Pratt, les chemins du rêve

25 May 2019 - 24 November 2019


Stichting Folon - Drève de la Ramée, 6 A  1310

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The Fondation Folon presents an exclusive exhibition devoted to the famous comic strip artist Hugo Pratt. The exhibition highlights dreams, the basic element which underpins all his oeuvre. His characters, led by Corto Maltese, frequently fall asleep, plunge, literally fall into a dream. These dreams open up a fascinating and playful meta-reality in which crows and cats speak, where we meet fairies and knights and where time ceases to exist.

The exhibition includes around sixty original watercolours and plates and is divided into three sections: nature, time and characters. It features mirror effects, in shadow and light, in closed cabinets, creating subtle echoes of the world of Hugo Pratt’s comic strips. It conveys his vision of dreams and myths, whilst also highlighting his writing and drawing process.

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