Hungry for Press Freedom?

23 January 2020 - 20 February 2020
To draw attention to the continued persecution of journalists, whistleblowers, and publishers worldwide, a group of concerned citizens in Brussels presents a month-long event in the heart of the European capital.


Plug&Pop - Rue Blaes, 132  1000

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Hungry for Press Freedom consists of several parts : A month long hunger strike performance where actors -each on 24 hour shifts, are confined to a small prison cell, under the surveillance of another actor, the prison guard. The cell is visible for passerby’s to see. A meeting point where people interested in human rights, are invited to network, exchange ideas, and get creative. Various talks, debates, performances, workshops, and film screenings to engage with the public and create dialogue. A lounge space with library where people can inform themselves. An ever evolving dedicated exhibition to which people are invited to contribute. Organized by a Citizens' Initiative

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