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Kring Ladies Cycling Club

19 June 2019 - 25 December 2019
Leave the guys behind!


Rue du vieux marché aux grains - Rue du vieux marché aux grains 1000 Bruxelles,  1000 Bruxelles


Event date & Times

we'll meet at Kring Club House
for free Il Magistrale Cycling Coffee before leaving.

Ride leader / Julie Borgers / [email protected]


Important notes:
- Only Women.
- To be part of the Kring club and come to the ride, you need to pay an annual fee (40€) Fédération Cycliste Wallonie - Bruxelles
(Not during the Rapha Pop-up period).
- We ride on public roads and show respect to other traffic and traffic rules.
- We ride 2 by 2 and always stay behind the guides.
- If anybody has a mechanical or anybody drops make sure to pass the info to the front of the group.
- Mandatory light during the winter period.
- RAIN (Winter period) or ICE = NO RIDE.

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Where to have dinner after the event?