Mini-golf, maximum fun


Mini-golf, maximum fun

Fancy a round of golf, but don't have the finances nor a membership to access the greens in Brussels? Don't worry, Brussels also has some good places.

Mini-golf with friends or family seems boring, but you'll get hooked in no time at all.

Mellaerts Ponds

For example, along the Mellaerts Ponds the most famous course offers 18 holes in a splendid open green setting. A bit dilapidated, this is still a great place to come to unwind. Or maybe for a different activity afterwork, since Mini Golf des Etangs Mellaerts stays open until 8:30 pm on Thursdays. 

Wolu Mini Golf

Not far away from Mellaerts Pond on the edge of the Stade Falon, the most charming mini golf in Brussels, Wolu Mini Golf, sits in a garden with various levels ideal for a quiet stroll. The bonus here is the warm reception and a super clean and nice course. Number 7 will give you a taste of what a full on golf course is all about. Reductions before 2 pm.


Over in Schaerbeek is another place you must try...Mini-Golf Josaphat is a member of the Belgian Union of Mini-Golf Courses, so it must be good! Springboards, drops, tunnels's up to you to make it through the traps that can be a barrel of laughs, and terrific fun.

And if that's not enought, think about mini greens in Anderlecht or in Jette

What to do when it gets dark?

The last mini-golf venue in Brussels is Goolfy Forest and Braine l'Alleud. These places take an unconventional approach and offer an indoor glow-in-the-dark experience! A unique experience to take advantage of during the day or night.

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