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Rent a German

03 October 2019 - 10 October 2019
There are many Germans living in Brussels, and some of them you can even rent within the week from october 3 to october 10.


Goethe-Institut Brüssel - Avenue des Arts, 58  1000 Bruxelles


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“Rent a German” - what at a first glance sounds perhaps funny or strange is a kind of a very special and individual cultural exchange. Many Germans living in Belgium prepare a small action and invite you to join them. You may subscribe for the different events from september 23 to october 2. There are: “Kaffeeklatsch”, a handicraft afternoon, card games, sport offers, food tasting, cooking events, guided tours to favorite places, artist's studio visits and much more! There are exclusive insights into the repertoire of the Playback Theater «ViceVersa». Another highlight is the cultural speed dating in the German Embassy under the motto: “How are the Germans? - Cultural Speeddating in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Kingdom of Belgium with the Ambassador and his Team” Do you feel like joining a little trip with or to the Germans in Brussels? Until october 2 you can register online: Further information: [email protected]

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