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Aerial silk workshop

15 April 2019 - 18 April 2019
Aerial silk workshop

Venue - Rue Calvin, 25  1000 Bruxelles


Normal 100 €

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The aerial silk, in addition to keeping in shape, allows us to explore our physical abilities and to overcome our apprehensions in joy and good mood, it's a whole new space of freedom to discover! Classes are always given in music, the course begins with physical preparation / warm-up, and ends with stretching. Flexibility and physical condition are bases to be able to better apprehend and have fun on the fabric, come to discover this discipline!

A warm-up and weight training work on the ground
Tissue-specific bodybuilding work
A technical work on the figures
A stretching job

VARIATIONS: from time to time, we will use the trapeze and the smooth rope

OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course are discovery, pleasure, fun and creativity

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