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The rise of a peculiar flower with wicked roots

15 February 2020 - 17 March 2020
A photographic exploration of sexual identity


Zinnema - Rue de Veeweyde, 24 26  1070 Anderlecht


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The rise of a specific flower with wicked roots is the title of a series of photos, bundled in an artistic book, that display the personal evolution of Neoza's search for her (sexual) identity. Initially, she tried to build a relationship with a boy, then with a girl, but couldn’t find with anyone the satisfaction she was looking for. That feeling led her to all kinds of drugs and psychedelics and to Berlin, where she had a liberating experience: openness, diversity in music, sex as an ordinary conversation topic, a mix of industrial-looking landscapes with nature and colorful grafitti. Goa festivals, yoga, meditation, shamanism and veganism also crossed her path and resulted in her taking a series of magnificent and very open-minded photos and then bundling them into a book.

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