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Hair loss is no longer an incurable problem! Thanks to the HTS-Clinic, you can recover thick, natural hair. With a capillary micrograft, Dr. Jean Devroye and his staff will bring you a safe solution for thinning hair.

Specialized techniques for optimal results

Hair falling out? Balding? Thin mustache? Loosing your eyebrows? The causes for these different problems are diverse and can happen to men and women. However, thanks to capillary surgery at the HTS clinic, your problems will be but a bad memory.

The staff at the HTS-Clinic uses innovative technology. The capillary micrograft consists of transplanting posterior sections of your scalp to the anterior sections. The procedure is done with local anesthesia. Post operative recovery is minimal and the optimum results are already visible after several months.

HTS-Clinic, nationally renowned staff

Doctor Devroye, trained in capillary surgery with one of the best specialists in the United States, carries out the principal steps of the surgery. He is assisted by a staff of about a dozen. Dr. Devroye operates exclusively in Brussels, at the HTS-Clinic, and also does consultancies in Madrid. His clients are from many international places who come to Brussels to be treated by him.

Need to ask questions before you do the procedure? Send an email to [email protected].

Consultations in Brussels: Avenue de Tervueren 36-38, ground floor – 1040 Brussels.