La Chaloupe d'Or

La Chaloupe d'Or Chaloupe d'Or (La)

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In the heart of the famous Grand Place, La Chaloupe d'Or restaurant welcomes you into its friendly warmth. You won't want to leave!

A unique view, all-day Belgian brasserie cooking, a charming terrace and a private room- what more could you ask for?

A slice of history with La Chaloupe d'Or

This building was once home to the tailor's guild. After being bombed in 1695 by Marshall Villeroy under the orders of Louis XIV, then being damaged in the ensuing fire, the tailors commissioned Guillaume de Bruyn to reconstruct the building. Since then, Saint Boniface has been the admiring home of what Jean Cocteau called "the most beautiful building in the world."

An extraordinary location

The wonderful view of the Grand Place could distract you from your meal, but not for long! Quality Belgian cuisine is on offer every day of the week including on Sundays- there's no rest for the wicked! The terrace, ideally situated opposite the town hall, is also open every day. Don't forget to take a trip there to enjoy the first few timid rays of sunshine.

But that's not all!

La Chaloupe d'Or also has a private room and a banquet room to ensure your party is a hit! With space for 300 diners, even the most extravagant dinner parties can be catered for. Whether on the terrace or inside, enjoy a moment which will leave an impression on your memory- and your stomach! All we can say is: Bon appétit!