Partage Galerie

Partage Galerie An artistic and convivial meeting place in the heart of Marolles

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In this art gallery of the Marolles district, Belgian and international artists hang out in this  friendly place and sharing atmosphere.

Partage Galerie is the bold project of a long-time art lover, Michel De Beys. Interior designer and manager of a building renovation company, who was set to create his own art gallery. It is by furrowing museums and exhibitions that he befriended a series of artists. With Partage Galerie, his goal is to expose some of his hearty  favorites and also promote multiculturalism.


Sharing in all its forms

Partage Galerie allows the Brussels public to discover so many international artists, with whom they would otherwise not have come into contact. While maintaining a coherent programming, this non-profit organization offers several artists from different horizons the opportunity to make themselves known, within the same exhibition. Sometimes, up to 15 artists share this space. In a beautiful balance, artists from here and elsewhere - men and women, both young and old - exhibit their works of art, in various forms: photos, paintings, sculptures, drawings ... Diversity is fundamentally at the center of the project.


Once a year, the gallery opens its doors to Art Brut, hosting works by people with intellectual disabilities. Another form of uniqueness and sharing that is important to emphasize. These sentient beings have so much to teach us with their "different" look on the world.


In the future, the non-profit organization wants to widen its range of possibilities, opening up to other disciplines other than the visual arts. Music, theater, and so much more, could resonate within the walls of this original and versatile art gallery.


The goal of Partage Galerie is to finally live on and continue delivering this space of inclusion in the Marolles district.

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