A cup of tea ?

Olivia Regout.

26 Apr 2012, 05:04 Last Updated: 14 Mar 2018, 11:03

Bring out the petits fours and other sweets, it's tea time !

Whether you drink it with milk, sugar, a spoon of honey, or simply plain in all its grandeur, we are here to guide you on the paths to China, India and Sri Lanka... You will without a doubt be drawn in by the voyage. Tea will soon become the drink that will satisfy all of your thirsts !

More than 500 million cups of tea are consumed daily around the globe. And you, what is your daily intake of this sacred and universal beverage ? Tea consumers each have their own ritual and habits. Everyone has their own preference in regards to tea color, length of infusion, rhythm of consumption... It's up to you to test out the products and to discover which type of tea best suits you.

Are you one of those "earl grey tea" consumers ? Does your clock instruct you precisely at what time your taste buds will indulge in your cup of black tea ? God save the Queen... So British ! At 4 o'clock sharp, the piercing sound of your kettle echoes throughout your kitchen. A drop of milk in your bowl and your baby finger pointed towards the sky, as if you came right out of a Jane Austen novel. You drink your tea with style and we like it.

You fall into the group of people who can gulp down more than 8 cups of green tea a day! Naturally, since you discovered this article in the torn magazine in your doctor's waiting room, you have decided to take care of your health. Green tea has become your own fountain of youth cure. You enjoy it hot, cold, lukewarm, at any time of the day.

Theine ? Very little for me, thank you. What boosts you is caffeine, preferably intravenous. You indulge in coffee all day long. Tea is only considered when you fall short of your much needed coffee ration on a Sunday when your car is at the garage, preventing any means of transportation. Perhaps our article will succeed in changing your habits...

TeaWorld Rendez-vous @ Tour & Taxis
From 3rd to 6th May 2013, will be inaugurated the second European meeting organized around Tea. It will be held in a prestigious orangery in the heart of Brussels. "TeaWorld rendez-vous" is more than just a "Tea fair" but an appointment for cultures lovers and Tea lovers and people interested in its benefits, its secrets, its traditions. Take part in TeaWorld Rendez-vous @ Tour & Taxis.

Tea, its rituals and its virtues
Holy in China or in Japan. Consecrated by the British, tea and its philosophy have invaded Europe. If English people only drink it at 4 o'clock, the tea lovers drink it throughout the whole day as there are such a lot of varieties to choose from. Strong to start the day, light and relaxing in the evening, tea has numerous virtues. Discover the tea, its rituals and its virtues.

Where to buy tea in Brussels? Tea is available in any supermarket. Aisles are filled with small multicolored boxes that cater to all tastes, from Camomile infusion to green, red, black or white teas. These ready to use packets aren't enough for you ? Let's take you to one of the many specialized tea stores of Brussels. Here are the addresses where you need to go to find the best teas. Discover tea stores of Brussels.

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