Artisan Day 2010

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 03 Dec 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Artisan Day  2010
Next Sunday, February 7, more than 500 artisans will open the doors of their studios across the country to discover the general public know-how and their passion for the craft trade through a demonstration or tour.

During this day you can see artisans creating employment and of course skilled labor. These artisans must be monitored and encouraged as they play a very important economically. In recent years, the craft was highly diversified with over 175 000 companies and over 300 000 people in this sector. With this day, the craft will allow you to put all your senses! BrusselsLife offers a selection among the 500 participants: -Wood: Splendor of Wood as an ensign, Love of Wood as a spirit! The color is announced at the outset, the team at this house near the Woluwe Shopping by tradition, such a corporation of the Renaissance, is anxious for a job well done. Read more ... -Glass: Stained glass is a real song of light and color. The workshop combines Versicolore stained glass in different styles to learn contemporary, classic, abstract ... they are all unique. -Precious Metals: Since his childhood, Marc van Schouwburg is passionate about art mineral. But this is only his 38 years he made his passion his profession. -Gilding: Marie Queen-Detroy is a craftsman in gold. She graduated in restoration of easel painting and then she specialized in furniture restoration. Today she has her workshop, Agathe, referring to the stone. -mode-fiber: Luz Reyers makes customized for each customer. The evening dresses and hats adapted to each face. -Earth from the 'Clay, Claire Chuet creates various objects such as vases, fountains, lamps and many other things. This artist you will discover its oe works throughout the day. -Leatherstocking : Leather is a versatile material from which Diana TIBBAUT creates vases day turning into night candle.

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