Discover how the European Parliament and Europe work

The Parlamentarium - the European Parliament's Visitors’ Centre – is the largest parliamentary visitor centre in Europe.

Renovation of the Leopold II tunnel: clarification

News from the Brussels municipalities 20 avril 2018

News from the Brussels municipalities 13 avril 2018

Driver's license in Brussels: changes in 2018

Union Arab Nations sets up offices in Brussels

Brusselslife has new neighbors on Avenue Louise, the Union Arab Nations and their 100% electric car.

The Marolles area revamps on the internet

Tintin arrives in Sablon

Tracing something unique: a new fresco each day

We have trialled free Wi-Fi in the metro

Färm has opened its first franchise in La Bascule

The first franchise of the sustainable food cooperative has opened in the Basule neighbourhood.

The shops of City2 will longer be opening on Sundays: "No revenue"

A Maison de la Nature in Molenbeek

Etterbeek cashless parking

Tintin works with the Brussels transit authority, STIB

The summer hit ?

You were waiting impatiently, the summer hit is there (or not!) .

Brucity arrives at Parking 58

STIB-MIVB says farewell to paper

A new retail destination for the autumn

With auberge espagnole from Atrium: own a shop without risks

Ariel, the Little Mermaid ❤ Manneken-Pis

Things are shaking up between Ariel and Manneken-Pis! The Little Mermaid is not very happy that this little peeing boy is relieving himself in her waters, and she let him know very directly! The following is not kid approved…

Griffon, the Brussels mascot

Robb Robinson on his dad's footsteps

The year of 2014 on the Grand Place in 52 seconds

The Disappearance of the Maison du Peuple or the assassination of Victor Horta


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