Awnings, what are they good for ?

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:12

Choosing awnings or blinds is a bit like choosing a pair of shoes. They're all pretty but they don't all fit. So what to choose?

Nautical, venitian, see through or opaque?


The nautical blind, the most common, is a complete decoration in its own right. If it doesn't completely obscure the light it allows for a somewhat luminous feel in a room creating a cocoon like effect. You feel like controlling how much light your awnings will allow into a room? Then go for venetian blinds with adjusting wooden slats. For a dark and total stamping out of the light, in one room for example, awnings or blinds enveloped in opaque fabric remain a must. It should be noted that Velux windows may be more atuned to doubling up the opaque fabric against the sun to avoid overheating of the room. Finally, vertical blinds are a great adaptive piece to big spaces... In the interior as in the exterior, your awnings could be manual or automatic.


On your balcony or terrace the external awnings could also be a bigger part of your life! Firstly they could offer a space in your home a new lease of life. Secondly, they can protect you from the heat, the sun, but more importantly against humidity and dampness at the end of the day and light showers... For the national pastime that's always looking to spoil that barbecue, now you've got the solution...
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