Belgian Beer Temple @ La Bourse

Written by Olivia Regout - 19 Jun 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 10 Jul 2015, 08:00)
Belgian Beer Temple @ La Bourse
After all the success of the Terracotta Army and the Da Vinci exhibitions, the Bourse is cranking up its attraction. The city of Brussels acquired the Bourse in 2012, and it will soon be transformed into a temple of beer. Objective? Play up tourism in Brussels. The opening of the Belgian Beer Temple is expected in 2018.

Certain cities have been well aware of this fact for a long time: a country’s gastronomic specialties make up a huge part of tourist attraction. And when we are talking about beer, the attraction is multiplied! Amsterdam has its “Heineken Expérience,” Dublin’s got the “Guiness Storehouse,” and Brussels will soon have its “Belgian Beer Temple.” Nothing more fitting for a country known the world over for its delicious hop based beverage!

The City of Brussels, the Brussels Region and the federation of Belgian Breweries are working together to launch this initiative at this prestigious Brussels destination.

More than a museum - an experience

A tourism study was conducted in order to evaluate the interest and the feasibility of this project. The result? There will not only be a museum, but also a sensory and personalized experience where tasting will have a central role.

A tour of the “temple” will probably last 90 minutes. This will include an educational space devoted to the history of Belgian beer and the important role it plays in our society. The ingredients that make up this delicacy (water, malt, hops, yeast…) will be put under the microscope, and different Belgian brewing processes will be explained to the public.  

Tasting will be at the center of the “experience” part of this exhibition. To guide the novices through the immense number Belgian beer choices, a maze with a questionnaire will allow the visitor to determine the exact beer that will suit him/her the best… At the end the visitor will have a small tasting to decide if this beer truly is a match.


A selection of about 50 beers will be available to taste. The goal is not to offer a complete selection of what we do in Belgium, but rather to give visitors an appetizing sample that will encourage them to come back and try out more in other cafes and breweries in the country.

Opening in 2018

Have a little patience; you will have to wait 5 more years until you can explore the treasures that the beer temple will hold… While you wait, you can see an overview of the project in pictures below. 

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