BIO flavoured beauty

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Written by vincent - - 14 Jun 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 14 Jun 2021, 10:58)
BIO flavoured beauty
There's no doubt about it, organic is the dish of the day! Beauty has gone into "green" mode...

The institutes

Whereas 100% bio shops are few and far between in Brussels, the beauty institutes have stocked up on a variety of bio products in response to an increasing demand.

In Hoeilaart, on the southern border of Brussels, the Sylvitis institute proudly provides 100% natural care. Some of the products used have not been tested on animals and some are even homemade. Don't let this put you off, BrusselsLife highly recommends the detour.

The shops

Beauty shops providing bio products are starting to emerge. Super Green Me - The Ecoshop can be found on the ever so popular rue Antoine Dansart, promoting everyday ecology and access for all. Cosmetics are, of course, at the forefront of this beautiful journey. On Rue Antoine Danseart, Cosmeticary selects for you exclusive cosmetics from all over the world where high technology meets organic certified natural beauty products. Finally, Gentlemen, you will note that this address is both for men and women.

In the same area, but in a setting that will make you think about the Poudlard Castle, the herbalist's shop Desmecht offers the last word in technology while retaining all the benefits of nature.

A few minutes walk from Ma Campagne, in a perfect surroundings, Bamboo offers a selection of products, some ethical, some bio, some long lasting and often a bit of each. Alongside the range of cosmetics, you will also find fashion and interior design items.

Finally we would feel bad not to mention the Oxfam World shops which, while not being specifically dedicated to bio do offer a much appreciated fair trade approach.

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