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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 30 Apr 2013, 14:04

No-one could have predicted that, after starting as the director's secretary at the Palais des Beaux Arts, Hélène Lecomte would become a Tour Organiser in the field of shows.

Today, living memory of Exploration du Monde for more than forty years, she offers guidance on the ground and organisation of conferences with the same enthusiasm and passion as for the discovery of the world. Meeting with this fulfilled wife and mother, who spares her time between travel, reading and frequent frenetic outings with her friends. We understand easily that work and play, business and pleasure make a successful whole in the life of this inescapable Tour Manager in the world of conference documentaries. CP

Tof or not ....

Your tof bar ? La Mort Subite for its Belgian beers and its soft cheese and radish sandwiches. Your tof restaurant ? Le Kokob, for eating with your fingers. Your tof place for enjoying your evening ? A good film, preferably at the Vendôme cinema, followed by a spag bol in La Spaghettière while you analyse the film together or meet my friends around a table at home. Your tof place for enjoying your Sunday ? With girlfriends, the Place Jourdan market, some French fries from Chez Antoine with a good Kriek in the café opposite and to finish, a delicious little coffee somewhere around the Bar de Filigranes What is really not so tof in Brussels? What would make you flee from Brussels? It?s road works. What is the tof of all in Brussels ? Its abundance of green, its convergence of different cultures, and, above all, its human side.

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