Bubbles, Foam & House Music!

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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 23 Aug 2005, 00:00 (Updated: 06 Jan 2014, 09:47)
Bubbles, Foam & House Music!
The principle of the foam evenings: foam and music. The rule of the foam: foam bath and water( mix propelled by a big engine on all the people, otherwise, it's not funny). The rule of the party: it's hilarious, frees oneself, it's very sexy and when everybody is wet, the world is beautiful. Especially after some drinks.

The equipment, not to be forgotten, consists of dry cloths to wear before leaving the club, a bath towel, a pair of sunglasses or swimming goggles (not always beautiful, but when we have sensible eyes it's not a luxury) and the most used pair of sneakers that you have which will stay around 6 hours in 10 cm of warm water.

What about the skin? The situation has improved for some years and the products were adapted, nevertheless in some cases if you don't protect your skin, you can peel it 3 days after...in some surprising regions. Nothing serious, but still surprising. So, if you decide yourself for a foam evening, dare to cover your body with a cream made of cocoa butter or the greasy cream for tan. In any case, everybody is shiny, it won't be seen at all.

To go back to our main issue, the foam projection in the evening is an entertainment born in the hot clubs of Ibiza in the beginning of the '80's. In Belgium, around the year 1995, the gay club La Démence imported the principle 'Espuma' in the club Fuse, then Carl de de Moncharline adapted it to the 'straight' version. Since then, every summer la Démence organises this entertainment for the gay people, the same as Louise Gallery, the first time this summer; also, foam evenings are organised in Fuse for all the people. Nicolas Deckmyn 

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