Castle Club, the sport Castle Club, sport in a big way

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Castle Club, sport in a big way
Whether you need to get back into shape or just want to let off steam, Castle Club is exactly the right sports club for you. 

Physical fitness to stay healthy at Castle Club.

With our habits, we are becoming more and more sedentary, which is very bad for our body, indeed, we move very little or not at all for some people. To rectify these bad habits, what better way than to practice a sport? You will become a fan of sport as it has so many benefits for us and it also allows us to have fun. Sport is life! 



The club is located in Wezembeek-Oppen, a municipality on the outskirts of Brussels

If you live in Brussels and you don't know where to go to do sports, you can stop looking, we have the Castle Club for you. This multi-sports club is located in the municipality of Wezembeek-Oppem, in Flemish Brabant. You might think that this does not fit your criteria. Well, Wezembeek-Oppem is a municipality with facilities on the outskirts of Brussels, which means that this municipality is very close to Brussels and is one of the closest Flemish municipalities to the capital. So you won't have to travel far. Moreover, both French and Dutch are spoken here, although Dutch is the official language. So if you don't speak Dutch very well, you won't have any problems expressing yourself at the Castle Club. 



A club with many advantages

After the geographical proximity, here is another advantage, the sports offered are numerous and can be practiced indoors as well as outdoors so as not to be dependent on the weather. Fitness, swimming, tennis, squash, or dance are the different sports you can practice at the Castle Club. But that's not all, you can also play sports at a competitive level by joining a club for the more competitive amongst you. If competition is not your forte and you prefer to play sports recreationally and just for fun, Castle Club has the solution for you. You can sign up for a course to try out a sport, or you can enrol in an academy to benefit from a coach who will give you all sorts of advice to improve in the discipline you have chosen. In terms of atmosphere, this sports club is really friendly, in fact it has its own restaurant with a real chef to offer you delicious dishes. So, after an intensive period of sport, you will be able to recharge your batteries in the club itself without having to go anywhere else, to enjoy a good pizza, delicious meatballs, an excellent shepherd's pie or a sumptuous homemade lasagne, to name but a few. 



Castle Club, to feel at the top

This club has been designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Another element that will make you happy is that this sports centre really focuses on the family, with activities adapted to children and parents.  The club is therefore open and its infrastructures are designed to give you a family spirit. Originality is on the agenda, as the Castle Club was built in the former vegetable garden of the 18th century Burbure castle. Hence the name Castle Club: Club du Château (de Burbure). You will therefore enjoy a pleasant and relaxing experience. There are also programmes to celebrate your birthday at Castle Club, if you wish. As for the prices, Castle Club offers very affordable prices so that everyone can benefit from a subscription. As you can see, Castle Club cares about you and is committed to keeping you happy and healthy.  



Join Castle Club and become part of the sporting world.



Because Brusselslife cares about your health. Exercise and enjoy these future sports activities.


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