CŎCĪNA: the real products of Italy

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Written by Donatienne de Vleeschauwer - 26 Apr 2018, 11:39 (Updated: 11 Mar 2022, 14:55)
CŎCĪNA: the real products of Italy
Brusselslife has tested the trattoria CŎCĪNA - Châtelain. If you want to find the good products of Italy, this is the address for you!

CŎCĪNA Châtelain - Negozio & Trattoria
Brusselslife was at the CŎCĪNA for a birthday and it was not the first time we went to this address. We love this place for different reasons that we will explain below but our goal was to convince one of our friends who had heard good and not so good opinions about this restaurant. At the end of the evening, our friend was convinced! Discover why:

CŎCĪNA is a real trattoria as you can find in Italy, this Italian restaurant only pasta, meat or fish dishes. If you want to enjoy a pizza, you will have to go to CŎCĪNA Flagey which is an Aperitivo Bar & Pizzeria.

If you like Italy, its language and its gastronomy, at CŎCĪNA you will not be disappointed. This restaurant is run by Italians who speak French correctly, but the mother tongue of the waiters is Italian and we realize it pretty quickly. This may bother some people especially as the card is written in Italian with some translations in French but for us it is a guarantee of authenticity.

The card varies every day and you can attest to it because the single card sheet is sealed with the date of the day. Some of us were dreaming of eating a pasta dish with truffles, but since it is not the season, there was none. To our great sadness but it proves the respect of the chef of the seasons and food!

At the CŎCĪNA you will have the opportunity to taste excellent Antipasti ranging from grilled vegetables, Italian cold meats, smoked Bufala Mozzarella, etc.

After, you have to taste a dish of dough to die for, there is the traditional "al ragu" but also pasta with "vongoles", king crab and octopus. There was also pasta with walnuts with gorgonzola. All the pasta dishes we enjoyed were delicious.

We had our meal with a Spumante for the aperitif and the entry followed by a Montepulciano for the meal. We did not taste the "Secondi" (a dish of meat or fish) because the pasta dishes are very rich but we finished with a touch of "Dolce". The homemade tiramisu was incredibly good and the sabayon too.

Our taste experience lived up to our expectations and previous experiences. Our friend was convinced by the quality of food and dishes.

Regarding the service, if the Italian does not scare you, there is no problem. The chef de rang is francophone so he can help you with the translation. The service was impeccable and we did not have too much waiting between each dish, just enough to digest.

The decoration is very refined, the walls are decorated with Italian products because CŎCĪNA also serves as a delicatessen. When the restaurant is full, you must have a fine hearing because it becomes quite noisy. We were at the mezzanine where it was good enough, the chef asked us if it was bearable, it was, but do not come with a big sweater.

Brusselslife really goes to the CŎCĪNA for the quality of the food, the authenticity of the dishes. The kitchen is open so we see the cooks activate and if you sit at the counter of the open kitchen, you will have the opportunity to talk with the cooks. They will be happy to explain the food, the preparations and their love of good Italian cuisine.

The CŎCĪNA has a street side terrace on sunny days. You have to count about 15 € the entry, 20 € the dish, 7 € the dessert and 25 € the bottle of wine or Spumante. It is a budget a bit higher than in some Italian restaurants in Brussels but the quality of food is really at the rendezvous.

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