Dico Officiel des Jurons Bruxellois

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03 Jun 2021, 00:06 Last Updated: 03 Jun 2021, 10:06

The language from Brussels is a very special one and considering this, it includes swearwords and other names for birds.

Dico Officiel des Jurons Bruxellois
Dico Officiel des Jurons Bruxellois

For example ZIEVEREIR, KRABBER, KROTTER, SLOEBBER, TOTTELEIR, BROUBELEIR, POUFFER, LABBEKAK, SCHIEVESMOOL, ROTTESMOOL, AEVEN BOUK, FLAVE SPROK, GAMELLEFRETTER, KLODERHOND, IETEN BOELEE, LOEÃZEKOP and all the other names won’t be anymore a secret for you. Throughout this book. And this without mentioning the ZATTERIJ code( the slang spoken in the suburbs of Brussel, a hybrid of French and Flemish): Stuk in zijn botte, Scheil zat, Krimeneel zat, Dood zat, Strond zat, Strond Krimeneel zat.

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