Easter and Brussels chocolatiers

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 08 Apr 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:30)
Easter and Brussels chocolatiers
For Easter, chocolate is found all different forms : eggs, chicks, rabbits, bells,… BrusselsLife nibbled through all the best chocolatiers in the city… Result? On the verge of some indigestion, we are now prepared to deliver our selection of Brussels chocolate makers for Easter.

Far from a symbol of Christianity and the hard boiled eggs that we color and paint, chocolate eggs are all the craze during this Easter season. Kids are a good example as they run wild during all the Easter egg hunts

Even adults cannot resist these chocolate treats this time of year. We have to say that chocolate makers love getting creative in order to offer both delicious and beautiful products… Here’s an overview of the prettiest creations for Easter 2014.

Pierre Marcolini

The king of macarons, Pierre Marcolini offers us their little rabbit with milk chocolate ears, made with a base of puffed rice and pralines on one side and the other with white chocolate. The smallest size costs 11.90€.



You will be delighted by this hen and her eggs from 18€, available in the Brussels Galler boutiques. This chocolatier originated in Liege and is a supplier of the courts. It is located on the Grand Place, in Uccle, and in Ixelles. 



Godiva is celebrating Easter with this bead covered egg for 50€. It is full of 15 assorted chocolate eggs. 



Whether you’re a dark or milk chocolate person, you will love this family composed of Lulu, Lola, and Ludo. The hen, rooster, and their chick are yours for a price of 24€ at Neuhaus



The most original and the most trendy of all the Easter rabbits is found at Wittamer. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the Hipster rabbit comfortably seated in an egg shell, complete with a pink mustache. Between 25 and 40€ depending on the size. 


Eclat Cacao 

With a less traditional look but still just as pretty is this hen with decorated feathers at Eclat Cacao, located next to Place Dumont in Stockel. The charming hen could be yours for about 20 euros, but you can find other chocolates starting at 2.90€.



The bell box at Mary, with its classic packaging, conceals half a kilo of chocolate eggs for a price of 32.50€. 


Yasushi Sasaki

 The Japonese make more than just sushi. The proof is in Yasushi Sasaki, who creates eggs “à la coque”. The price for this special collection varies between 7 and 20€.



And you always have Lilicup, where you can find a cupcake topped with a magnificent chick. Only available Easter weekend! 

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