Eating organic in Brussels

Written by Olivia Regout - 11 Jun 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:31)
Eating organic in Brussels
Get outta here abominable pesticides! Chemical fertilizers got the most of your diet, so you’ve decided to make the shift with everyone else in your neighborhood.

Désormais, votre cuisine n’accueillera plus que des produits sains, issus de l’agriculture biologique ! Prêt à vous rouler dans le purin et à ressusci...

From now on, your food will be made of nothing but healthy produce, direct from organic sources! Time to make friends with natural fertilizers and bring some forgotten vegetables back to life…

Paniers Bio

Even though you live far from the countryside, farms, and nutrient rich soil, it is still possible to eat organic. There are numerous options in Brussels. Take out your bags because is accompanying you for some grocery shopping…

Organic food baskets

Your colleagues cannot stop talking about the delicious carrots he received in his organic food basket this week. This is making you have second thoughts and you decide you want to try out GASAP or an organic food basket.

Purchase groups known as GASAP are growing in Brussels. How does it work? A group of about 20 people get together to buy a basket from a farmer once every week or two weeks. Groups generally have an agreement for one year and manage themselves. You receive seasonal fruits and vegetables each week depending on the farmer’s harvest. Know that not all of the farmers have organic certification. It’s up to you to choose the producer you would like to collaborate with. In Brussels, 22 producers supply 73 GASAP groups.

If you do not want to invest in a gasap, you can always order from food basket depots. Check out the Ferme nos Pilifs or on the websites of Yumaah, Menssana, Cookitude to order the basket of your dreams.

Urban farms

In Brussels, urban farms are tucked away in well-hidden large green spaces. This is the case for the Ferme du Chant des Cailles that recently started its own urban agriculture project. Other than their market produce initiatives, their principal activity is raising sheep. Cheese and yogurt is sold to the community.

The Ferme Nos Pilifs in Neder-Over-Hembeeck makes bread with organic flour and offers vegetable baskets full of produce from their vegetable garden.

Urban vegetable gardens   

Collective vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular in Brussels. These ecological gardens opt for methods that respect nature with fertilizers or chemical compost. Generally these little plots of land are managed by a group of people who combine their tools and seeds to cultivate fruits and vegetables. Everyone then shares the harvest. Set up an urban vegetable garden near you. 

Organic markets

Producers are mixing with consumers in Brussels. Organic produce has found a spot in markets all over the capital. Some have gone all out, like the Atelier des Tanneurs, the Tricoterie, the organic market on the Place Sainte Catherine on Wednesday morning, or the one on Place Homère Goossens in Uccle every Sunday. Fruits, vegetables, breads, dairy products, meats… yum…

Organic stores and fine grocers

What about when it’s not a day for the market? You just have to visit some of the organic stores and fine grocers. For daily staples, many different places carry organic products like the Peas, Sequoia, Be Positive, Natural Corner, Färm, Ozfair, or Desmecht

Discover where an organic store is in your neighborhood.

Organic restaurants

For those who don’t really know how to cook with forgotten vegetables, you can still test them out at an organic restaurant. Yag cooks up 100% organic, gluten free, and dairy free dishes. The Biolounge and the Shanti Restaurant are well-known in the world of Brussels organic establishments.

Go to an organic restaurant near you.      

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