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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 14 Apr 2016, 15:04

Everybody gets sick but you don't always get to choose when sickness strikes. If it should happen a week-end or during a holiday and you need to rush to the closest pharmacy only to fin it closed. Pharmacies in Brussels close at 1pm on Saturdays and are closed on public holidays. What do you do? Where do you look?

On call pharmacies

Different solutions exist to find the closest pharmacy to you in case of an emergency. The easiest solution is to visit the site or if you don't have a computer on hand you can always call the number 0900/105.00. As a last resource, you could always stop at a closed pharmacy and there should be a slip with the information to the closest on call pharmacy.

On call doctors

If your doctor happened to be unavailable on a week-end or on holiday, there is no need for you to wait until he comes back to have an appointment, even less reason if it's an emergency. Just dial the number of SOS médecins 02/513.02.02 and a doctor will be at your house in the hour. If you'd rather do the travelling, there's a number of fixed on call medical posts you'll find the addresses on

On call dentists

A toothache could ruin your whole day, but it's the week-end or a public holiday, dial the number 02/426.10.26 and you will receive indications for the closest dentist who could see you.

On call veterinarian

If your pet gets sick and your vet is unavailable, what do you do? Bring it to the animal clinic or call 02/538.16.99 for information on the closest on call vet.

Anti-poison center

In the case of a poisoning with a household toxic product or a toxic mushroom, if the symptoms seem severe take the person directly to the closest emergency room. If the symptoms seem less severe visit the site Centre anti-poison or call the number 070/245.245 for all your questions. Remember that in an emergency the most important thing is to remain calm, act quickly and reassure the victim. In the case of an emergency and you don't know what to do just call the European emergency number, the 112 where the call-centre will redirect your call according to your needs. Lara Ronayne Casimiro
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