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13 Dec 2012, 03:12 Last Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:12

In a few words, Fripe is a social fashion marketplace built for fashion-addicts. Thanks to Fripe, you will finally be able to resell those nearly brand new shoes, but also to buy this jacket you desperately wanted a few years ago. In other words, you will find all these lovely items, which have been sleeping within closets of hundreds of users.

Did you know that there are no listing fees, so it's free to post? Simply set up your closet in few minutes and start interacting directly with other users through your internal messaging system. Add items to your wishlist, follow closets of your favorite users/friends and share them via Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, your personal notifications system will alert you when someone has commented on one of your listing, added it to his own wishlist or started to follow your closet! To sum up, Fripe is the ultimate anti-crisis fashion marketplace allowing its users to find unique products locally or within your social networks, at great prices! Recently launched, the website already hosts hundreds of items of all types and sizes and has welcomed thousands of visitors. Luxury second-hand items are still pretty rare, but it will not take so long to see those particular products flooding the platform. Last but not least: a mobile application will be released quite soon as well as online payments methods. Beautiful, isn't it? Don't hesitate anymore, and register on the website right now!
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