GOOD FOOD, GOOD MOOD "Good Food Resto": the label for sustainable food

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30 Apr 2018, 07:04 Last Updated: 11 May 2021, 12:05

Brussels Environment has just launched and awarded some restaurants in Brussels the "Good Food Resto" label. But what does this label mean?

"Good Food Resto": the label for sustainable food
"Good Food Resto": the label for sustainable food

Good Food Resto: 34 Brussels restaurants got it
Brussels Environment has developed in April a new label for restaurants in Brussels. This label is called "Good Food Resto" and aims to promote restaurants with a sustainable food approach.

This label has a validity of three years and at three different levels: 1, 2 or 3 toques. To obtain this label, the restaurant must meet a set of criteria "Good Food" defined by Brussels Environment:

- Propose fresh, local and seasonal food, produced with respect for the environment
- Alternatives to animal proteins
- Reduction of food waste

With the label "Good Food Resto", Brussels Environment wants to enhance the value of the sustainable food offer and to accompany restaurants free of charge, who wish to identify these three criteria and put them in place within their brand.

Who are the 34 restaurants that have obtained this label?

Here are a few:
- La Ferme Nos Pilifs
- Kamilou
- Fourchette à Bicyclette
- Hinterland
- L'Estaminet
- La Pouletterie
- The TERO

For the full list, visit the Brussels Environment website. A second wave of labeling is planned for next autumn.

If you do not have the list in mind, no problem. The restaurants labeled "Good Food Resto" must affix on their door / window, the sticker of the label which is a beautiful carrot:

Source & photo credit: "Good Food Resto" by Bruxelles Environnement