TECHNOCITY High-tech businesses in Brussels: Introducing Euresys

Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 12 May 2023, 00:00 (Updated: 12 May 2023, 11:47)
High-tech businesses in Brussels: Introducing Euresys
The field of high-tech is constantly developing and more and more businesses enter this market.

Tech is definitely one of the most fast-growing markets of these days, which also makes the field interesting to a lot of entrepreneurs. New high-tech or old high-tech businesses; both kinds have something to offer our societies! However, we would like to introduce you to one of the old players on the market: Euresys.

Who is Euresys?

Euresys is a high-tech business. The business designs video and Image Acquisition Software, Image Processing Software, Image Analysis Software, frame grabber and many other tech equipment. Euresys is a business that is constantly developing new high-tech solutions to keep the customers satisfied. Euresys especially focuses on computer vision and factory automation solutions, which has given Euresys a leading position in this market in many areas of Europe.

Euresys is a business with 30 years of experience within the field of high-tech. Due to the many years in the field, the company has had the opportunity to develop libraries of knowledge and processes, such as a 3D Image Processing Library and a Deep Learning Classification Library - just to name a few. There is no doubt that Euresys is a routined player on the market - and that this acknowledged tech business has a lot of knowhow based on these years in the field.

The business has a department in beautiful Brussels, which is considered to be Euresys’ headquarter nowadays. However, Euresys has departments across all of Europe. The business even has departments of sale and customer service in Japan, Singapore and in the US, which also makes Euresys known on an international scale.

Why is Euresys a popular high-tech business?

There are many reasons why Euresys has become a popular business within the field of high-tech. First of all, many factories and other businesses - who are depending on the solutions made by Euresys - have a lot of trust towards Euresys based on the many years of experience that Euresys carries. There is no doubt that this tech business definitely has some knowhow.

At the same time, Euresys has been able to expand over the entire world, which makes the tech business known in all corners of the world. Euresys is known worldwide and at the same time, the tech business carries a positive reputation.

When it comes to installing new factory automatisation solutions, a factory will without a doubt look for a tech company with a good reputation - as well as a lot of experience on the

market. It can be considered a big decision to install new automatisation solutions for a business, and it needs to be handled with care and patience. Likewise, customer service is essential. It is necessary for new customers to be able to get into contact with a professional who can guide them through new tech solutions - and this is managed to perfection by Euresys.

Many may make the mistake of thinking that an older tech business will be stuck in old ways and methods. However, Euresys receives a lot of credits, as the tech business is known for being innovative and creative with new inventions and solutions - both when dealing with completely new problems, but also when developing further on already existing programmes.

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